Article - Artists to Watch: Holiday Window Edition

Full article at ArtNet News, Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Big Apple is an iconic location during the winter months.  Every year, New Yorkers and tourists alike crowd midtown to get a glimpse of the iconic department store holiday window displays.  Walking down Fifth Avenue, visitors are treated to each store’s distinctive style, ranging from the classically Christmas-y to some very abstract contemporary designs.  As window design has evolved into an art form of its own, we decided to highlight this year’s most notable window displays from quintessential New York stores, and imagined pairing them with artists that share their aesthetic and could be seamlessly added to the festive decor. 

Image: Brook Overline Original Artwork - This Ain't Kansas


Macy’s always turns up the volume on holiday cheer with inventive annual themes heard and seen ’round the world, and on November 23, Macy’s unveiled their highly anticipated 2015 holiday theme in the windows of their flagship store in New York City—perhaps you saw their hint at the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, with the iconic giant character balloons featuring the cast of Charlie Brown? 

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the classic television special, Macy’s has chosen the theme of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  The characters are life-sized and narratives are written on the store windows, as the Peanuts gang acts out nostalgic scenes from their snowy cartoon village.  The windows are colorful, cheerful, humorous, and heart-felt, and we feel like Brook Overline, a Pennsylvania-based watercolor painter, would be a welcome addition to the display.  Her use of color, texture, and warm imagery would pair nicely with this trip down a whimsical memory lane, as Brook’s paintings are both relatable and vibrant.  She paints subjects from her memories—such as her childhood toys and her lovable cat—and utilizes unexpected textures and palettes to emphasize real emotional attachment.  Imagining her artwork come to life in Macy’s interactive display would be a true miracle on 34th street. 


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